A Preview… :)


We are currently working on decoration and landscaping the parcel. Here is a little preview. 🙂

Preview 2

We are still looking for a few more, good bloggers witha unique style and good pictures for We Love Role-Play! If the following rules apply to you, feel free to contact Ost Clawttoth, Arica Storaro, Tera Varriale or Kaitlin Eiren! :)

1. Your blog must be older than 3 months.
2. Your blog must contain quality pictures.
3. If you knowingly support stores that sell blatantly ripped content and are aware of it, you will not be considered. We ask you to understand thi as it stands in opposition to the goal of our event..
4. Please do not ask the creators for review copies! They will contact you instead if they want.
5. You should have a unique, tasteful style.
6. You should be syndicated in at least three of the major feeds such as Iheartsl.
7. Please announce the event every month on your blog and add a link to the blog to your blogroll: We Love Role-Play. If you would put up the banner as well, that would be fabulous. :)



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