WE <3 RP is OPEN NOW! :)

Heya peeps!!

WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY opened its doors and 52 fabulous designers are waiting for you with their awesome offers and deals. Come get these deals!

Click here for a preview of ALL items (including nudity pictures).

Here is your TAXI! : WE LOVE RP ROUND 6!!!



6 thoughts on “WE <3 RP is OPEN NOW! :)

  1. Hello! I love the idea of this event each month. Role Play is the main reason Im in SL. Only problem, the sim is sooo laggy! Takes soo long for things to load. I have limited time this morning and ‘Im still waiting for things to load 😦 I have been to the sim many times. I really think improving the lag will bring in more people. And Ive been in SL for 8 years so I know how to use my settings. I have a great computer also…Who wants to shop when nothing loads? Just my two cents. Thanks for a great event

    • Hey! I am aware that sometimes it gets laggy but honestly? Most people I know rez instantly there unless the sim is cramped (first days). I am not sure, I have never had one bit of lag there. :/ But we’ll look into it regardless! And thanks for the compliment. 🙂

  2. The sim is privatte and not accessable.

    Warning! You have entered private property, draakje dailey!

    You have 1 seconds to leave the area, or else you will be automatically forced to leave.

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